Sixth Update 👀🤩

by Bart van de Kooij on Jun 09, 2024

Sixth Update 👀🤩

We are excited to share some positive updates with you.

Sales Milestone: We are thrilled to announce that our sales have surged, surpassing 100 units and unlocking the second $100 discount. This increase is due to confirmed orders coming from Minibrew. For those who have already paid the remaining amount and previous beer.mkr users, you will receive a $50 cashback once we have delivered the unit. If you are not a beer.mkr user, there will still be a shipping charge. Based on the actual cost, we will determine if there is a cashback.

Certification and Production Plan: The certification agency, UL, has pre-approved our design, which is fantastic news. We are currently working out the details and need to ship 6-8 units to their office. The lead time for this process is about 4-6 weeks. In parallel, we will apply for FCC certification, which requires one unit and has a lead time of 2 weeks. Please note that the approval process may take longer if challenges arise.

One more thing: the first GEN 3 USA units have been produced, and the initial results are positive. This is a major milestone for the production of the GEN 3 USA model. Components such as the pump and heater have been adjusted to 110 volts. Here is a side look of the model.

The manufacturing team is now determining which additional functional tests are required before we start producing a small batch.

Remaining Payment: As the production schedule becomes clear, we will request the remaining payment in Q2 of 2024 from all outstanding orders that have made a deposit. This will help us cover certification costs and complete the first batch of orders.

We truly appreciate your ongoing support, and will post more updates in the upcoming period.