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The All-in-One Beer Making

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Makes a Variety of Beer styles

Exobrew custom recipes

100% customizable brew settings

iOS beer brewing

Control Recipes on Your App Or Web

Performance Conditions


Base Station

  • Power Supply: 110-125 V ~ 50-60 Hz
  • Mash Tun Container: 2.6 up to 5 lbs (max capacity)
  • Water supply line compatible 0.75" in threaded connector
  • Heating Power Wattage : 2000 Watt

Smart Keg

  • Smart Keg Vessel: 2.1 Gallon (max capacity)
  • Fermentation temperature: 37-95F
  • Cold Crash up to 35F
  • Preserve your craft beer for 1 to 3 months
  • Serving size: 13 pints of 16 oz / 20 glasses 12 oz
  • Power Cord: 40 inches


  • Control your machine with Exobrew App or Web
  • WiFi enabled
  • Upload recipes via Pro-membership
  • Automatic software updates
  • Browse via pro-membership 12,000 recipes
  • Get recommendations on new beers

Water Connection

  • The main station only needs to be hooked up during cooling (less than 30 min) and cleaning (30-80 min).
  • You'll receive notifications for the appropriate times.
  • A water connector can be a tap or washing machine connector, with a compatible 0.75" inch threaded connector for the water supply line.
  • The water waste line can be directed back to your sink.
  • Connectors are readily available at Amazon or other DIY stores.

Increase capacity

  • Easy to carry keg keeps your beer cool
  • 1 extra Smart Kegs brings the capacity to 3.2 Gallon in total
  • 2 extra Smart Kegs gives 4.8 Gallon in total
  • Each Smart Keg contains a Tap, co2 regulator, overpressure valve, trub container