Ready for brewing Beer, Kombucha, and Ciders!

Brew 1.6-Gallon Batches in 3 to 30 Days! Your Brewing Adventure Is Starting Now.

First batch is sold out - shipment in Q3. Currently selling Batch 2 - Shipment in Q4, 2024.


The device, which made its debut at CES 2024, has a temperature-controlled keg that handles everything from boiling to serving.

The Exobrew is an at-home appliance that allows users to easily brew their very own beer, kombucha, and cider from the comfort of home

Best of CES 2024. You can make 1.6-gallon batches at a time, and all users need to do is add the ingredients.

From the mash, to the boil, to fermentation, to serving happens from a single vessel, with no need for refrigeration definitely sets the Exobrew apart from a lot of other systems.

It's an all-in-one brewer that cuts out all of the mess and hassle that typically accompanies home brewing

Exobrew's Compact Device Uses Newly Invented Technology

The first 100 devices are now in use by individuals and businesses across the USA
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Based on customers that have a GEN 1 & 2 in the USA

Just love my little kit

To fully appreciate this wonderful build is to go with the PRO-setup and unleash your inner brewer.

Its compact and easy to use, on +30 brews so far with GEN 2. It's a great system I can recommend to everyone that's either a beginner, hobbyist or professional


Great stuff!

A magical concept with ready to go recipe and option using your own ingredients.

I started as a complete beginner one year ago and have successfully completed over 20 different brews now. IPA, Weizen, Pils, Porter, Saison, Tripel, etc.


Superb piece of Device

Took me from never had brewed to owning a small brewery in 3 years. Great beer!.

I must have brewed 100+ beers and it's the easiest machine to experiment without guilt if it doesn't work out. Top work, I don't know how other brewers doing this.


Exobrew - a partnership company of Minibrew started with a simple yet revolutionary idea: to serve local beer, made fresh and brewed at home, sourced from the finest sustainable malt houses and hop farms.

550,000 Beer Tapped

Embark on the journey of crafting beer, kombucha, and cider. Learn from fellow enthusiasts, share experiences, and discover inspiration for your next iconic brew.

13,150 Recipes Made

Dive into a vibrant ecosystem where enthusiasts, acclaimed breweries, and 3-star Michelin restaurants have collectively crafted an impressive 13,150 original recipes.

3,500 Device Shipped

Our trusted partner, MiniBrew, has successfully shipped over 3,500 brewing devices globally, with 100 units reaching the USA."

Start Your Journey Today

2-Year Limited Warranty

We Stand Behind Exobrew's Power and Are Here to Assist with Any Issues.

30-Day Trial At Home

Brew It Out, Taste It Out. If You Don't Love It, We'll Take It Back, No Questions Asked.

We've Got You Covered

A Complete Brewing Package, So You Can Focus on Crafting Your First Beer.

Go From Grain To Beer in A Single Vessel

Your beverage is never exposed to light or oxygen with our one-vessel system, designed for brewing, fermenting, and tapping, ensuring it retains its smooth and subtle taste.

Work With Natural Ingredients

  • Choose from our Brew Packs
  • Create your recipe with local store ingredients for a custom brew.

Experience the magic in 4-5 hours

  • Setup takes 5-10 minutes.
  • The machine handles mashing, boiling, cooling, and cleaning.
  • Our fast process heats up the wort at a rate of 33 to 35 Fahrenheit per minute.
  • Automatic cleaning takes 30-60 minutes.

Extended introduction offer - valid till end of Q3-2024

Get $50, $100 or $200 Off with 50, 100 or 200 Orders.


  • Automatic rinse system for effortless maintenance
  • Only a dishwasher tablet and hot water required
  • Takes 30-60 minutes. Fully automatic

No Fridge Required. Plug In Your Keg For Temperature Control.

  • Activate smart keg fermentation with electricity.
  • Add yeast, and watch your brew evolve over 3-30 days, occasionally removing residue.
  • Our innovative Peltier technology facilitates precise cooling or heating.
  • Experience a range between 41 and 77 Fahrenheit, ensuring optimal conditions.
  • Each keg has a conical shape, ensuring the residue drops based on gravity, which can be removed via a container.

Direct Tapping From The Keg

  • Tap your freshly brewed craft beer, kombucha, or ciders served perfectly carbonated.
  • Serves up to 13 pints (16 oz) or 18 glasses (12 oz).
  • Remains fresh for 1 to 3 months with our preservation feature.



Our app guides you through every step and oversees the entire brewing and fermentation process. Find your desired craft recipe, order the brew pack, and kickstart your brewing journey.



Gain exclusive access to the community and have more control over the entire brewing process.

  • Create your own recipes
  • Recommend & share recipes with other users
  • Customize, tweak, and master available community recipes
  • Web-based
  • Over 13,150 recipes created
  • Starting from $9 monthly or $90 annually

Awarded Brew Kits

We will offer a broader range once we get closer to delivery
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Regular price $25.00
Sale price $25.00 Regular price
Regular price $25.00
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