Fifth Update 👀 🛠️

by Bart van de Kooij on Apr 12, 2024

Fifth Update  👀 🛠️

It has been an eventful month, and we're excited to bring you up to speed on the latest developments.

Production Plan:

Our team is making significant progress, aiming to have the first initial units ready by May 2024. In a positive turn, our partner MiniBrew has left materials in the factory, allowing us to expedite the process by building upon the base structure of the GEN 3, a 110-volt device.

Sales Update:

We've successfully resolved the issues with our payment system and will soon begin reaching out to those who placed deposits to facilitate the completion of full payments. Your support is crucial as it enables us to order components, finalize certification, and begin manufacturing the first devices.

Discount Extended:

As we were unable to accept new orders since the end of January due to payment provider limitations on pre-orders, we decided to extend the discount up to Q2-2024. We are working with shopify (e-commerce tool) to reinstate the deposit option online. Currently, we can only accept full payments on!

Review of USA user:

A Minibrew user based in USA shared an extensive review on Facebook Exobrew user group on his experience. Overall, he found Exobrew superior to BeerMKR, citing better customisation, app functionality, and customer service.

He brewed two 5.5L batches, impressed by the ease of recipe formulation using the web portal. Throughout the brewing process, he found the step-by-step guide and videos helpful, ensuring a smooth brew day. He noted the low power consumption and quiet operation, adding to the positive experience. Opting for pressure fermentation, he appreciated the shortened fermentation time and clean beer outcomes.

Lastly, we sincerely appreciate your ongoing support. If you missed an update, please check our website as we've published all updates.


Exobrew Team